Friday, June 15, 2007

Snipermom's son at work

Snipermom son - some where in Iraq

Getting their rest


Amanda said...

Did you post these on Stryker news yet?- Also our Virtual FRG has a new page going and I can get you the email of the lady who will postin any pictures of the soldier's throughout the deployment. Looks good!


Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

Good morning Amanda. Will most these and a few others on Strykernews this weekend. As for the FRG, if you get me the lady's email, i'd appreciate it.
Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

After looking at the top picture again, I just realized that this is the same spot Paul sent me a picture from. - Wonder who your son's photographer was that day? Look at Stryker news under my albulm and you find the same background and a different soldier..:)