Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Austin's Mom here . . . yes, it is quiet here AND on the forum.

As for myself, the "unbearable" fear has lessened whereas for the first two months I could not imagine even living through this next year+. I remember when Kris went over; I felt the same horrible fear but it lessened too after a few months. I'm still very concerned for the safety of my sons, as we are all, but I think my body's natural "survival instincts" have kicked in.

AND, I have broken my addiction to my laptop. I was spending about three hours every evening after work blogging, e-mailing, whatever, and was wasting away (not to mention wasting time). My daughter has had my laptop for almost a week so it's not even there for me to think about using. I'm sneaking this in at work (don't tell!).

Here's the "Official Father's Day Photo" that I posted on the forum -- notice the cardboard Austin. I liked Amanda's comment that they have a "Flat Daddy" at their house. "Austin" has been to concerts, theme parks, parties . . . you name it.
Yesterday my daughter Kylee (in photo holding demon dog) said "I don't understand how I can love somebody so much who used to drive me absolutely crazy when we were younger."

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