Saturday, June 9, 2007

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For all our loved ones, My God Almighty give them strength



Mom and Dad said...

Thank you, I love the message and I sent it to my son. (B co./4-9 IN/4-2,SBCT) briansmom

bonnyl56 said...

Praise God for the support of other moms and dads! My son, Charles Rice is in 4/2 SBCT 1-38 IN Bravo Company. This is his first deployment and it was on April 6, 2007. He was married Sept. 16, 2006 and his wife is due in November. She is now 19 weeks along. I have searched everywhere for a picture of my son, every time I go onto DVIDS, I amm looking. . .lol If any of you know him or your sons are in his unit, that would be terrific to communicate. I do know his Stryker was hit by roadside bomb, but he got everyone out a-ok~Praise God for the angels he surrounds us with.