Thursday, June 7, 2007

momusaarmy, thanks for the info and opprotunity to share my thoughts and some pictures of my son.
While I'm not a StrykerMomma, I'm a StrykerDad and proud of it. Charlie's in B CO, 1-38 IN, 4-2 ID.
First picture was taken by the Freeport Flag Ladies in Bangor, Maine as Charlie was on the phone with his wife, waiting for the next plane on his trip to the sandbox.

This picture is of him somewhere in Kuwait, just not sure where!

Once again, thanks for this opportunity.
I will continue to check this blog and the strykernews forum as many times a day as possible to help with my sanity check.
Prior to stumbling onto the strykernews forum, I was clueless about any support for parents with kids (that's what they'll always be in my heart) serving in the military.
Thanks again for all the support during the toughest time in my life as a parent!


Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

Hey Dick...
We can always use a man in our group. Besides..your son is a part of our huge extended family.

JRM'sStrykerMom Kathy

Dick (bugsnyder) said...

Thanks Kathy,
Appreciate that.

Army Mom Times Three said...

Also --- your description on this being "the toughest time in my life as a parent" is so true for ALL of us. Some days I just want to die from just the anticipation of the pain that may be headed my way.