Sunday, June 3, 2007

Here is the "tag" the mother/wife of my "adoptive family" made for me. I posted it on Let's Talk but wanted it in a more permanent place too.

The photo of Austin that she used makes me really sad -- but very proud. He just looks so young and sweet in that photo. Here's the whole photo -- he's smoking (bad boy).
This next photo is Kris in full body armor taken recently in Mosul. It sure looks like it'd be hard to move with all that gear on. And think of the heat. Kris has seven months left of his 15.

Kris and his wife are meeting in the Bahamas for his R&R break in July. No invite for us yet --- think we'll get one?

Left is the last time I saw Austin. I miss my sons so much.


Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

Glad you found Connie. She and I held each other's hand while our sons were in Iraq. We actually didn't find each other until the extension. On an earlier post I mentioned that I had to leave strykernews for a while - that's when Connie and I found each other. We chatted everyday on Yahoo (sometimes all day long LOL). We still keep in touch on a daily basis.

Kathy (armymedicmom)

Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

Your face is so pitiful. i can feel your pain. Very handsome sons. Love the tags!
How'd you get pics from your boy and I can't even get a phonecall?

Bonnie (StrykerMom51) said...


Army Mom Times Three said...

Regarding getting photos --- the one of Austin was during training at Ft. Lewis and I think it was part of someone else's photo website. Kris' wife sent me the Full Body Armor photo from Iraq and I have one other of Kris that he actually sent from Iraq during his first few days. That's it.

There are at least 30 photos from Yakima that are on the web. I'll see if I can find the link. The sargents in the sunset look great.