Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Son Is A SImple Man

MY SON IS A SIMPLE MAN---written by Kathy S.

My son is a simple man you see
Loves God, his wife, and his family
He’s grown very strong throughout the years
He stood up to his challenges and conquered his fears
He married his one and only true love
Who was given to him from our God up above
Wise and loving with a gentle heart
He told his wife that he must part
For places unknown and new in his life
This war has sent him away from his wife
To a land that is violent and wants things their way
They showed their uncaring on that September day
My son, your daughter, a little boy’s mom
Were taken away because of those bombs
While families back home pray, worry, and wait
To see if terrorists determine the fate
Of all who we love that were taken away
Because of the bombings on that tragic day
All day I sit here and pray for my son
And hope that soon freedom is won
For his comrades and friends that were chosen to be
In a far away place fighting for our liberty
We pray for them all without hesitation
And for God to guide them through every location
Our hearts feel heavy with worry and fear
As we sit by the phone and we’re waiting to hear
For good news or bad, it doesn’t much matter
As long as our loved one is willing to chatter
Let us know he’s okay and he hasn’t been hurt
But a comrade was shot and fell to the dirt
With blood all around and the deafening noises
We take cover so the enemy avoids us
It was really scary but Mom I am okay
I appreciate your support and I know that you pray
For me and my boys to come home and stay
But we’re doing our jobs here as ordered to do
The sun has been hot and naps have been few
So Mom, now I must go, it’s time for a mission
Its dark and we’ll be using our night time vision
Continue your prayers and all the packages sent
I’ll give you a call the next chance I get
I love you Mom, tell all to take care
We’re all fighting for your freedom there
As I hung up the phone blinded by tears
And think of the memories I hold dear
So please pray for him as you would your own
For him and his comrades to come safely home
My son is a simple man you see
He loves God, his wife and his family



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