Monday, May 28, 2007

Hey Everybody:

Austin's Mom (and Kris's Mom) here. I'm having one of the worst cries ever tonight. Just the thought that I could lose one of my boys -- as each of you could as well, unfortunately -- and seeing another name added to the list of Fallen Heros from the 4/2 after only a few weeks in Iraq; it's all too much. How will we endure more than a complete year and then some of our children being in a War?

Every time I'm doing anything "normal" -- like cooking out and enjoying the beautiful weather -- I think of what my sons (and yours) are ACTUALLY doing at that exact time (or a few hours one way or the other). It's just too much!!!!

Jo Ann


Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

It has been a long long week for everybody here in WA with the 4/2, I agree this pace is going to be crazy if it keeps up. Guess we just need to chat with God and hope he agrees. Big hugs coming your way. I'll give my soldier lots of hugs for all you moms, he can deliver when he heads back in 8 short days


Mom and Dad said...

I know exactly what you are going through. I am a born-again Christian and I have been asking these same questions of our Lord. My darkest hours are at night. At church, Sunday, we heard a sermon on faith and I came away armed and ready to survive this ordeal...then...another soldier killed near Taji.
Read Hebrews 12:1-2. We must not allow fear to oversome us. We must give our sons to God, and pray over them whenever they come to mind. The rest is out of our hands. Mothers have been burrying their soldiers for centuries, and none of us are exempt from that possibility. However, faith does matter, and acquiring the strenth to fight the good fight of faith while our children are in harm's way is the best thing we can do for them, now.
The Bible says that nothing happens here on earth w/o first filtering through the hands of God.
That means He knows before it can we question the One who could create another son for us out of a handful of dirt, if He wanted to? We don't know the plans of God, but He does listen to the prayers of those who love and fear Him.
Trying times, yes. Pray that your son will draw closer to God, while you do the same. After all, it's not about us--it's all about Him. That's the most difficult thing to accept; but once you do, life is much easier to endure. I hope I have helped, a little. Sincerely, Briansmom

Stryker Mommas of the 4/2 said...

I so know how you feel. People in the forum are praying for you to let God help you with your worries. I was also letting this war consume me. I still have bad days quite often...just not as intense so much. We want the best for you...for our sons...for each other.

Kathy S